Interview 1

Artist Tom Wood is interviewed and discusses his ethnic background, childhood in Dar Es Salaam, the death of his Father, and his subsequent relocation, aged three, to Yorkshire. Tom also recounts the story of the search for his Father’s grave.

Interview 2

Artist Tom Wood chats about his schooldays, his artistic genre and the continuity of his career path.

Interview 3 & 4

Yorkshire based artist Tom Wood reveals his influences, and tells about his postcard from R.B. Kitaj. He then talks candidly about the death of his Mother, subsequent grief and his work for educational and institutional establishments around the world.

Interview 5

Tom Wood recounts tales from his portrait commissions of Prince Charles, Alan Bennett and others, as well as his work for the National Portrait Gallery.

Interview 6

Artist Tom Wood discusses his use of various media and his printmaking. He also comments on individual works such as the powerful ‘Alchemist in Search of a Voice’, ‘Parable’ and the ‘St. Anselm..’ and ‘St. Jerome..’ pieces.

Interview 7

Tom Wood chats about his painting ‘Furnace’ as well as his series on the ‘Coelacanth’ fish. He also speaks movingly about his love of animals, birds and wildlife.